100% Pure water on tap with Arkk Pure Water Filter System

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Arkk Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Drinking pure water at your fingertips. With Reverse Osmosis technology and a seamless direct flow system, enjoy pure, safe, refreshing water straight from your tap, every day. Say goodbye to bottle plastic waste. Arkk Pure: elevating your hydration experience, effortlessly and expensive costs.


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Protect your family against water contaminants

Ensuring your family’s safety begins with water you can trust. The naked eye can’t spot the unseen contaminants lurking in tap water. With Renewell Water Arkk Pure Water Filtration, our system becomes the guardian, removing chlorine, lead, metals, bacteria, and more. The result? Uncompromisingly safe water for your loved ones.
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Compact design to fit perfectly under your sink

Practicality meets functionality as our filtration system discreetly ensures your water is pure. Trust the blend of form and efficiency for a harmonious addition to your space.

Arkk Pure Water Filter System installed under the sink

Save thousands
Save the planet

Beyond mere economic considerations, there’s a larger picture to focus on. Reducing the usage of disposable plastics in our daily lives holds immense significance for our planet’s well-being.

Experience the convenience of effortless maintenance.

It’s just 30 seconds per year.


Purer than jug filtered and bottled water, the reverse osmosis (RO) purification process removes 100% of disease-causing microorganisms and 99.99% of organics, 96% lead, 70-98% heavy metals, 70% nitrates found in Irish & UK tap water.


Direct Flow product 2.1L / min.


The Arkk Pure fits under most sinks and cabinets in any position (horizontal and vertical) being the most compact model available. 

It comes in just 1 part the base unit is 39.8cm in height x 38cm in depth x 13.2cm in width it truly is the best choice when space is an issue.


This water filtration system will require a new cartridge every 12 months which costs €110 including postage.

Every 24-48 months it will require a membrane cartridge which is €138 including postage.

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