Don't want to fit a water softener? Hard water problem Look no further!

Not keen on the idea of buying salt by the bag!

Don't want to lose a press? Don't quite want a softener?

As a company Renewell Water always put the customer first, it's how we do business.

As such we have sourced a brand new solution to hard water.

Already very popular in Germany and the UK.

It's called an Aquabion.

Aquabion cut away.JPG

Proven limescale solution for your home

Frequently used in industry, hotels, restaurants, and factories around the world to solve their limescale problems! Due to advances in manufacturing and technology for the last 6 years this technology has been readily available in Germany and the UK for domestic use. Now Renewell Water brings it to you!

Salt stacked.jpg

No need to buy (or store) bags upon bags of salt!

It requires no salt and rather than removing the lime from the water changes the composition through some clever science and stops the lime sticking to your pipes!

Want to know the exact science? Click here.

Save upto €120 a year vs traditional softeners.

An aquabion solution is cost-effective and will allow you to recoup your initial costs within two to three years while giving you up to seven years of limescale protection.

Benefits of fitting an aquabion

  • Spend less €€€ on heating your water, upto

  • Use less cleaning chemicals, better for your skin and the environment

  • Cleaning takes less time & effort

  • No more changing washing machines every couple of years & kettles every month!

  • Finance available, fix your limescale problem for less than €50 a month!