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The Scary Reason Why YOU Need A Water Filter System In Your Home…

What if I told you that the quality of tap water in Ireland is SO BAD that the European Commission has opened an infringement case against the country because it has continued to, and shows no desire to stop, exceeding the limits of dangerous chemicals in your tap water.

Contaminants like:











Heavy Metals








And much more…

For those contaminants to be in your tap water is alarming enough.


But I’m sorry to say it gets even worse…

There is an extremely dangerous, toxic and possible carcinogenic compound that has already been found in 400,000-500,000 homes in Ireland and is appearing in more and more tap water tests nationwide.


That chemical is: Trihalomethanes (THMs)

You, and everyone else in your family, could be unknowingly consuming tap water, that’s contaminated with it every day.

Then to make matters worse…

You’ve got the aging, below standard plumbing across Ireland too that’s just adding to the problem.

With the deadly chemical concoction of Fluoride, Aluminium, Lead, Chlorine, and THMs, mixed with a poor and aging infrastructure that is well past its sell-by date…

Consuming tap water in Ireland every day, for a human body that is made up of 60-70% water, is a recipe for disease.

That’s why you need a water filtration system in your home to SAVE yourself and your family.

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Click here to get 100% SAFE tap water for just €499 today.

Bottled Water Destroys Your Bank Account And The Environment…

After hearing that… a lot of people say they’ll just drink bottled water.

But they fail to consider 2 things:

Firstly, the cost – on average Irish homes spend €541 per year on bottled water.

(Already… having our system installed for just €499 is cheaper long term and lasts a lifetime!)

But, that statistic is just taking in account people’s “current bottled water habits,” when they’re too thirsty out and about, or pick one up as part of a meal deal or buy a bulk pack to go camping…

How much would it cost for you to buy enough bottled water to completely substitute your tap water entirely?

Is a whole other set of calculations that is guaranteed to sky-rocket that price.

You’ve got to consider everything you use tap water for, like:

Making tea/coffee

Basic drinking water

Cooking water

Cleaning water

And more...

Secondly, if you’re prepared to take on that HUGE cost you’ve got to be prepared to accept the cost, it’s having on the environment too.

Microplastic is contaminating our seas all around the world, killing off precious wildlife and contributing to the destruction of our planet.

Is there any point in buying bottled water to live longer if there’s no planet to live on?

How Does The Pro Elite 1 Clean My Tap Water?

It works by a 4 step, rigorous, process called “Reverse Osmosis” that squeezes the filthy, chemically contaminated tap water, through tiny pores that are 1000x finer than a single strand of hair, filtering out everything. As a result you are left with pure H20.

And that pure H20 has so many benefits…

It improves:


Heart Health






Bone strength


Muscle strength




Energy levels



Who Can Benefit Most From The System?


Anyone in Ireland who wants to have unlimited, safe, pure tap water for the rest of their lives.

Our system is installed under your sink which means it can fit in any house of any size!

Everyone deserves clean tap water.

Do you spend money on bottled water?

It’s for you.

Do you dislike the smell or taste of your water?

It’s for you.

Are you concerned about the dangerous chemicals that are present?

It’s for you.

Are you looking to improve your health?

It’s for you.

We believe every home should have one.

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You won’t find a system as good as this, at a price this low, with a team who have 18+ years of water filtration experience ANYWHERE else.


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Click here to get 100% SAFE tap water for just €499 today.

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Get Your HUGELY Discounted System Here!

Click here to get 100% SAFE tap water for just €499 today.

What Current Customers Have To Say…

I got my water filter system fitted today by a lovely guy, the difference in the taste is unbelievable & the filtered water has no nasty smell, I highly recommend anyone to get this done. Peace of mind for the whole family with clean healthy drinking water. Thank you so much”


“Service was spot on, they gave a day and time and where there when promised with roughly a hour spent fitting, then done dusted and gone with no mess or fuss. The water taste great and we feel mentally better already knowing our water is cleaner and chemical free. Thanks guys.”


“Thank you so much for my water filter system the difference in the taste is unbelievable. Installation was quick and clean and I highly recommend anyone to get this done. Peace of mind for the whole family with clean healthy drinking water. Thanks again.”


“Thank you renewell water for our filter. I won it on Facebook competition and all my questions were answered straight away. Low-cost maintenance and assured we are getting quality water. Simon was very professional and it took very little time to fit”


“I had my filter fitted this morning – really lovely guy, answered all my questions about maintenance, filter changes, Ireland’s win last night no more chlorine taste off my water, I’d recommend everyone to get one of these!!! Thank you ❤”


“Thank you Philip, Keith and Andrea. The water filter system was installed this morning. The installation was swift without mess. The service is super, I only got in contact with the company a couple of days ago and this morning I can enjoy my first glass of clean water already.”


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