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Eco Logik is an environmentally friendly appliance intended for use in a residential washing machine.

Eco Logik is designed to work with your washing machine, mixed active oxygen into the water.

The processed water is used to wash and sterilize the clothes, especially baby clothes and underwear, needless or no detergent during the process.

Eco Logik is the advanced model with three levels of ozone for people of different applications.

  • It is suggested to choose “H” if you need to clean strong stains and white clothes for better result.
  • It is suggested to choose “L” if you need to clean normally or some vulnerable clothing (i.e. silk & linen) or clothes easy to be rubbing off.
  • When no 03 signal on the led bar, it indicates no ozone in the water.

Main superiority :

  • Clean clothes without needing any detergents
  • Sterilize and kill about 99.6 % of germs
  • Keep color and let your clothes fresh
  • No pollution to the environment
  • Low energy consumption
  • Wall-mounted and convenient for setting up
  • CE & Rohs.
  • Eco Logik is an innovative, Eco-friendly laundry solution designed to save you money and provide the cleanest, freshest laundry you’ve ever experienced! BENEFITS Energy Savings -
  • Only cold water is required, eliminating the energy required to heat the wash water Detergent Savings
  • Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for laundry detergent, softeners and bleach Environment Friendly
  • By eliminating hot water and detergents, your using less energy and no longer dumping thousands of gallons of soaps and toxic bleach into the environment. No Chemical Irritation
  • Eliminates common skin irritation caused by harsh cleaning detergents and disinfection products
  • Great for infants and those with sensitive skin
  • Finance for € 14.50 per week


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