Instant Hot Water System

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A compact and versatile boiling water system that provides water between 60°C-100°C, direct to the kitchen tap. Easily adjustable to your desired temperature.

We have created three different options when purchasing the Instant Hot Water System.

  1. The Hot Water System, supply only.
  2. The Hot Water System, including the installation.
  3. The Hot Water System and the Pro Elite 3, including installation.

Instant Hot Water System Features

  • Energy efficiency
  • Green Material: The best material of thermal insulation meets the UL94 standard
  • Prevent Empty Burning: Automated heater protection
  • Safety: Unique safety lock design loaded to prevent burns
  • Hygienic: The detachable stainless steel tank can be cleaned after using for a period of time. A large 2.4-litre tank supplies 60 cups per hour capacity.
  • Innovation: SUS316L Ring Type Heater. Bigger heating area, faster heat conduction, more power-efficient, and longer lifetime.

New Features of the Instant Hot Water System

  • [New] Electronic controlled adjustable temperature: This is designed precisely and it heats the water as you wish
  • [New] Patented self-priming expansion chamber: Through the chamber and atmospheric pressure during heating, the self-priming expansion chamber absorbs the steam back for recycling usage. This new design greatly reduces the dripping (the flaw of traditional instant hot water dispensers). Due to the high temperature of the water during heating, the tank is under pressure. The self-priming expansion chamber can decrease the pressure, and prevent explosion, dripping, and leak.
  • [New] Patented faucet with safety lock
  • [New] Indication light on faucet top displaying the status: A unique safety lock design is loaded to prevent kids from burns from hot water. The unique design of the LED indicator light on the faucet displays the heating status.

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Hot Water Dispenser, Supply Only, Hot Water Dispenser With Installation, Hot Water Dispenser & Pro Elite 3 With Installation


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