Package: Pro Elite 4 + Arkk H2 Hydrogen Water


Complete solution for pure and healthy water. The package with Pro Elite 4 RO Water Filtration System and Arkk H2 Hydrogen Water is the best option for you and your family.​ 



Pro Elite 4 Water Filtration System

The Pro Elite 4 combines maximum filtration with a Vortex living water revitaliser. This 7 stage purifier with its inbuilt microcomputer, fully touch screen digital display, Vortex living water revitaliser, and auto-flush membrane. Gives you 100% pure living energised water.

This water filtration system will require a full service every year, view our service options here.

Arkk H2 Hydrogen Water

Our Arkk H2 Hydrogen Water Machine is a molecular hydrogen generator that infuses hydrogen gas into pure water using a Proton exchange membrane. Maybe you don’t know but the water lost its hydrogen and natural ions when passing through the pipes and tubes until it reached your tap.



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