Pro Elite 3


Price includes installation

Service €13.75 per month

Self-Service €125

Our Pro Elite 3 Leak detector, Auto Flushing, TDS controller, and filter and membrane change warning. Equipped with pump, solenoid valves and pressure switches.
The equipment is supplied complete with the internal accumulator, LED Smart Tap and accessories for its installation.

The Pro Elite 3 comes with:

  • ·Micro-Processor
  • Change filter button
  • Incoming water cut
  • Bomb
  • 5 filtering stages
  • Metal-free drinking tap
  • 24-hour water quality reading
  • Automatic leak detection shut off valve & alarm
  • PH enhancer/booster
  • Fast-flowing tap
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 5* Customer Service
  • Twist change cartridges

Pro Elite 3 Removes:

Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Heavy Metals, Fluoride, THM’s Pesticides/Herbicides, Aluminium, Cysts, Cryptosporidium, Limescale.


  • CE Approved
  • NSF Certified including tank
  • 8 Litre Tank
  • Size – w24.5cm x D39cm x H39cm
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