Pro Elite 1


940 including installation

745 Unit Only

Service 13.75 per month

Self-Service 125

Our Pro Elite 1 is an ultra slimline 5 stage reverse osmosis purifier designed for households with space in mind. It is the most compact and effective purifier on the market today.

This brand-new filtration technology has a inbuilt micro computer to let you know when your system needs to be serviced or has a problem.

The Pro Elite 1 also comes with;

  • Metal Free (no lead) drinking tap
  • 24-hour water quality display
  • Automatic leak detection alarm
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • 5* Customer Service
  • PH Enhancer
  • Rapid Fill System

The Pro Elite 1 Removes

Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Heavy Metals, Fluoride, THMS, Pesticides/Herbicides, Aluminium, Cysts, Cryptosporidium, Limescale


  • CE Approved (symbol)
  • Food grade cleanable 3 litre tank
  • NSF Certified

Size – W37 cm x D15 cm x H39 cm

  • Working pressure: 2.5 to 6 Kg / cm2
  • Working temperature: from 5 to 35ºC
  • Membrane: 50 gpd
  • Maximum daily production: 60 liters, under ideal conditions (3.5Kg / cm2, 25ºC and 500 ppm)
  • Effective production: approx. 80 liters / day
  • Electric voltage: 220V. 50 Hz

The most environmental reverse osmosis on the market

The Pro Elite 1 unlike standard reverse osmosis systems does not have any back pressure when its producing water which saves water and prolongs the life span of the booster pump.

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