RW-1 Drinking Water Filter


Elevate your water at home with our 3-product package:

  1. Pure sips with the Single Stage Drinking System 🚰
  2. Limescale-free living with the Water Softener 🛁
  3. Versatile Tri Flo Tap for every need 🚰

Buy now and experience water like never before! 💧🏠

What is included

Single Carbon Stage Water Filter

  • No Power Required
  • Easy installations
  • Quick-charge Filter
  • Time Saving
  • Hang Type
  • No Tools Required

Arkk Soft Water Softener

Indulge in the epitome of comfort with our Water Softener. Experience the luxury of impeccably soft water, free from limescale’s grip. Compact yet powerful, this model features a convenient screen indicator for effortless monitoring. Elevate your water quality and everyday living today.

Tri Flow Tap of choice

Discover the pinnacle of convenience and choose one of out Tri Flow Taps avaiable. Tailor your water experience by selecting the perfect model for your needs. Whether it’s pure drinking water, cold or hot water for daily use, embrace versatility in style. Upgrade to a new level of water control today.

€75 of FREE Gifts with this package

🌟 Introducing the Home Water Enhancement Package! 🚰💧

Transform your daily water routine into a safe and refreshing experience with our thoughtfully curated bundle of water solutions. Our RW-1 Drinking Water Filter Package includes three products designed to bring you purest water from your tap and softest water arround your home.

Single Stage Drinking System: Say goodbye to impurities and hello to crystal-clear water with our cutting-edge Single Carbon Stage Drinking System. This compact and sleek filtration marvel ensures that every sip you take is free from contaminants, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is enjoying water of the highest quality.

Water Softener: Tired of dealing with the negative effects of hard water? Our Arkk Eco advanced Water Softener is here to rescue you from limescale buildup and harsh water stains. Experience the silky-smooth sensation of softened water as it cascades from your taps, prolonging the life of your appliances and leaving your skin and hair feeling rejuvenated.

Tri Flo Tap: Elevate your kitchen aesthetic and functionality with our Tri Flo Tap, a masterpiece of design and innovation. You can choose one of our multifunctional tap goes beyond ordinary faucets, offering you three distinct water options in one elegant fixture: pure and filtered drinking water, softened water for everyday use, and regular tap water for various household tasks.


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