RW Platinum Water Filtration Pack


Upgrade to the Ultimate Home Water Enhancement & Filtration Package! Enjoy pristine water with Arkk Pure RO System, comprehensive purity with CS Whole House Filtration, luxurious softness with our Water Softener, and versatile choice with the Tri Flow Tap. Elevate your family’s water quality today! 💧🚰🏠


Discover Our Home Water Treatment Kit

Elevate your water quality to extraordinary levels with our thoughtfully crafted bundle of top-tier water solutions. The Home water treatment Package combines three essential products, ensuring your family enjoys the purest, softest, and most versatile water straight from your tap.

Arkk Pure Water Filter System

Introducing the Arkk Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – a compact powerhouse that redefines water purification. With direct flow convenience, this system delivers fast pure water water at your fingertips. Its design fits seamlessly under your sink, saving space without compromising performance. Maintenance is a breeze; changing filters takes just 30 seconds and it can easily made by you.

Whole House Filtration System 2 Stage

CS Whole house Filtration System

Total water purity with the CS Whole House Filtration System. Safeguard every tap in your home from impurities, ensuring your family enjoys the highest quality water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Upgrade to a healthier, more refreshing lifestyle today! 💧🏠🚿

Arkk Soft Water Softener

Indulge in the epitome of comfort with our Water Softener. Experience the luxury of impeccably soft water, free from limescale’s grip. Compact yet powerful, this model features a convenient screen indicator for effortless monitoring. Elevate your water quality and everyday living today.

Tri Flow Tap

Discover the pinnacle of convenience and choose one of out Tri Flow Taps avaiable. Tailor your water experience by selecting the perfect model for your needs. Whether it’s pure drinking water, cold or hot water for daily use, embrace versatility in style. Upgrade to a new level of water control today.

Elevate your water quality to unparalleled heights with our complete water filtration solution. The RW 4 Water Filtration Pack combines four essential products, ensuring your family enjoys the purest, softest, and safest water throughout your entire home.

Arkk Pure Reverse Osmosis System: Experience water transformation like never before. Our Direct Pro 800 employs cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology to deliver unparalleled purity, right from your tap. Enjoy peace of mind with every refreshing sip.

CS Whole House Filtration System: Safeguard your family's health with the CS Whole House Filtration System. This powerful system ensures that every drop of water used throughout your home is free from impurities, providing you with the confidence of knowing that your family's well-being is our priority.

Arkk Soft Water Softener: Bid farewell to limescale inconveniences. Our Water Softener is designed to deliver luxurious soft water throughout your home, enhancing the lifespan of appliances and delivering a silky touch to your skin and hair.

Tri Flow Tap: Choose your water, your way. With our range of Tri Flow Tap models, you're in control. Whether you desire pure, softened, or standard tap water, our taps provide the perfect fit for your preferences and needs.


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