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RW Chloe, 3 Way Kitchen Taps


RW Chloe  €365 including installation

  • Faucet is a chrome-plated finish brass this mixer tap/faucet and has an ultra-modern look in any kitchen.
  • features a pin levered Hot and Cold mixer operation on the top with an easy to use pin lever control under the spout for pure water flow. This faucet eliminates the need for a separate filtered water faucet.
  • It is the perfect faucet for reverse osmosis, single, twin, or triple under-sink water filtration systems. Easily replace an existing mixer faucet to reduce the clutter on your kitchen bench.
  • Requires 35 mm Hole or will fit in any existing kitchen mixer hole.
  • Tri Flow Taps Polished Chrome Designer Mixer Faucet is supplied complete with 1/2″ BSP Female Braided Hoses, under bench connection kit including 1/4″ water filter connection, thick brass plate, washers and locking nut.

RW Chloe

3 way tap, allows for having hot,cold and pure filtered water from your Pro Elite purifier all from one tap. The filtered water is delivered through a separate internal pipe so it wont be contaminated by the mains water. Having all this in one tap Eliminates the need for an extra separate faucet drilled into your worktop when getting you Pro Elite purifier installed.

  • Classic designed three-way hot/cold & filtered water mixer tap
  • Separate filtered water control at the base of the unit
  • Separate outlet behind mains outlet for pure water
  • Easy DIY Installation - No drilling required
  • Filter Connection - 1/4" Quick Connect (3/8" optional)
  • Hot/Cold Braided Hose 1/2"
  • Lead-free brass
  • Shiny chrome steel finish
  • Innovative design and high quality


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