Ultra H2 Hydrogen Water


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Hydrogen Water

Ultra H2 is a generator of enrichment of water with hydrogen ions.

Antioxidant hydrogen water is prepared using a molecular hydrogen enrichment apparatus.
This device allows you to get hydrogen water without being connected to the water supply, as it has the ability to use a water bottle that is installed on top. Hydrogen water has a strong effect as an antioxidant. Hydrogen (H2) + without oxygen (2 · OH) -> Water (2H₂O) The diffusion rate of H₂ in a living organism is much faster than other substances, and H₂ easily passes through the cell membrane and reaches the subcellular organelle. Hydrogen is safe; it is registered with the FDA as a food additive.

Antioxidant hydrogen water "Hydrogen Water".

To obtain antioxidant hydrogen water at home, pure drinking water is used, preferably filtered by a reverse osmosis system, which is fed to the Hydron apparatus.

The Ultra H2 hydrogen enrichment system has the unique opportunity to convert filtered (low salt) water to hydrogen ( cathode, negatively charged water ) by electrolysis ( separation of the H2O water molecule into H2-hydrogen and O - oxygen ).

Water saturated with molecular hydrogen has a therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and regenerative effect.

Hydrogen water is the secret of health and beauty.

Molecular hydrogen is the most unique and multi-functional ANTIOXIDANT that exists in nature. Hydrogen Water (water saturated with molecular hydrogen) is the best drinking water of the known types of water, which eliminates the main cause of cell ageing -and free radicals.

10 Reasons to Consume Hydrogen Water

  • The body ages very slowly (the number of wrinkles, age spots decreases)
  • The removal of toxins from the body
  • Overweight disappears
  • The condition of the skin, hair and nails improves significantly
  • The skin is reliably protected from ultraviolet rays
  • Actively fights cellulite
  • Develops stress resistance
  • Relieves fatigue and restores energy balance
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases stamina


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