Water Essentials Bundle


  • 2 Month Supply of Electrolyte Mineral Drops
  • Smart Shower Filter
  • Family pack of Stainless Steel Bottles

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Water Essentials Bundle

In this bundle, you will get a two month supply of our Electrolyte Mineral Drops, a Smart Shower Filter and a Family pack of Stainless Steel Bottles.

Smart Shower Filter

The Shower Filter removes chlorine and other chemical elements from the water making sure that your essential skin and hair proteins don’t get stripped away.

  • Reduces up to 99.9% chlorine
  • Less damage to hair and skin
  • Gives you the spa experience
  • Colour treated hair won’t fade
  • Reduces water-soluble heavy metals

Electrolyte Mineral Drops

Electrolytes are minerals essential for keeping your body hydrated and supporting energy, endurance, recovery, and optimal muscle function.


  • The Minerals Drops are proven to hydrate better than water. In fact, in a published, peer-reviewed clinical study, those who drank plain water drank 74% more water to achieve the same level of hydration as those who drank water with the Electrolyte Mineral Drops
  • They make electrolyte water and transform any drink into a sports drink
  • Contain zero sugar, calories, caffeine, and artificial ingredients
  • Perfectly safe for hydration packs
  • They are safe for people with health conditions who can’t drink sports drinks

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated with our BPA-free reusable water bottles Eco-friendly design. This bottle keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. It is

  • Double-wall insulated
  • Durable and unbreakable
  • Sweatproof
  • Ergonomically designed


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