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There is no need for maintenance, this is an alternative for a water softener.


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Introducing the modern and environmentally friendly water treatment system:



The Renewell Nanode is an environmentally friendly solution for limescale and hard water softeners. Compared to traditional water softeners it is cheaper, better for the environment, and creates no ongoing costs like needing salt or servicing. Forget the need for external power connection, regular maintenance, chemicals, or magnets – the Renewell Nanode operates solely on a sacrificial Zinc Anode.

The Renewell Nanode Has Everything Your Water System Needs And More:

Over 10 Years Of Testimonials


Easy To Install

Neutralizes Limescale So It Doesn’t Calcify

Prevents Expensive Repairs And Replacements

 In The Pure Water Business Since 2002.

Back then people could not afford to treat the hard water problems in their homes due to how expensive it used to be.

The Nanode Original technology which was invented in 1993 has helped over 1,000,000 homes and businesses eradicate their hard water problems.


Have You Dealt With Your Water Issues Yet?

Any homeowner who is suffering from hard water or limescale issues in their homes knows how difficult these water problems can be to deal with. Who doesn’t want water flowing through their homes without any issues?

Some Of These Include:

Clogging up the showerhead

Breaking all hot water appliances

Mineral buildup around faucets

Dingy laundry

Dry and itchy skin

Sluggish sink drains

Spotty glasses and dishes

The list goes on and on…

Wouldn’t You Prefer A Life…

Without having to unblock the showerhead

Without spending hours scrubbing the shower to remove limescale

Without descaling the kettle every week

Without replacing hot water appliances every year!

Imagine Being Assured That Your Appliances Are Truly Protected

The Renewell Nanode will make your life far less stressful and more care-free when it comes to the health of your water. Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and throwing money down the drain with never-ending expenses. It’s time to invest in the one-stop-shop for an easier and cheaper life!

While Searching For A More Eco-Friendly Solution For The Limescale problem…

We Partnered With The Inventor Of The Nanode!

Water softeners are actually extremely hard on the earth as they pump untold amounts of pure sodium back into the environment whilst wasting water in every backwashing cycle.

This is not a long term solution! Meanwhile, the Nanode is not only far more eco-friendly and salt-free treatment for tackling hard water.

There is also a huge difference in the overall cost. Over the 10-year lifespan of the Nanode, it will cost absolutely nothing after your initial purchase so you can wave goodbye to having to continuously purchase a big 25kg bag of salt whilst servicing. The Nanode is a completely hassle-free game-changer!

But Don’t Just Take It From Us…

We offer 5-star service with exceptional products and great prices – we have a customer for life ethos! Our 4.9/5 TrustPilot rating speaks for itself…

Our Guarantee To You

We want to ensure you make a worry-free investment! For that reason, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied for whatever reason.

But it doesn’t stop there… The manufacturer also offers a 7-year product guarantee with the lifespan of the system being 10 years.

We’ve got you covered!


The detrimental effects of limescale are well known but the scale doesn’t have to be completely blocking your pipework to be costing you money. Limescale is a poor conductor and according to British Water, just 1.6mm of scale in a heating system causes a 12% loss in heat transfer potentially leading to dramatically increased energy bills.

Both water conditioning systems such as the Renewell Nanode and conventional water softeners can help combat limescale and the increased costs limescale build-up can cause – but which one is better?


When comparing the Renewell Nanode water conditioner with a conventional softener, it’s worth bearing in mind that they utilize fundamentally different technologies.

Softeners do what they say on the tin and soften the water by removing the calcium and other hard minerals. Conditioners, by contrast, leave these hard minerals in the water but modify them, changing them into a form that does not adhere as readily to surfaces in the form of limescale.


Softeners work by exchanging the calcium (the element responsible for hard water and limescale) in the water for sodium. This renders the water non-potable and it cannot be used for food preparation.

The Renewell Nanode, by contrast, only introduces a negligible amount of zinc into the water and this has no effect on its suitability for drinking or using in food preparation – a major advantage over a softener, particularly when conditioned water is required in a restaurant or hotel.


Another advantage of the Renewell Nanode is that it doesn’t waste any water or require a nearby drain.

Conventional softeners wash away stored calcium during resin regeneration cycles and this produces a certain amount of waste water which must be sent to a drain. Not only does this make the Renewell Nanode a more cost-effective proposition (especially if you are on a water meter) but it also makes installation easier as the system doesn’t need to be sited near a drain.


As there are strict limits on the amount of sodium allowed in a potable water supply, if you are using a conventional water softener, then by law you must keep at least one tap that provides an untreated supply. The Renewell Nanode, however, can be used for whole building protection meaning that as well as preventing scale build-up in water heating systems and on taps and showers it can also prevent scale related damage to kitchen/food service equipment such as coffee machines, ice machines, and even steam/combi ovens.


Unlike a conventional softener, the Renewell Nanode system requires no salt and since it protects your complete water system including potentially expensive foodservice equipment, most installations can save users enough in reduced water heating bills and maintenance to provide a return on investment in 12 months.


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