Arkk Pro Soft Package Solution

Experience the perfect blend of compact design and powerful filtration, ensuring your household enjoys the highest quality water. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to pure, crystal-clear drinking water, all while enjoying soft water throughout your home. Installation Included.

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€ 1,395.00 € 2,335.00

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    Discover The Arkk Pro Package Solution

    Your complete answer to home water quality! This package combines the cutting-edge Arkk Pure water filtration system with the eco-friendly Arkk Soft Eco water softener, providing a comprehensive solution that caters to all your home's water needs.

    100% chemicals and bacteria removal

    The Arkk Pure is an effective filtration system that protects you and your family from all the dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, solids and bacteria in your drinking water.

    100% Limescale protection

    The Arkk Soft Eco 11 protects the entire home from the damaging effects of hard water & Limescale.

    Professional Installation Included

    Our installation technicians will come to your home and connect your water system with no fuss directly under your kitchen sink. Placing a separate single lever faucet or an upgraded tri flow tap for all your pure drinking water needs.

    The Arkk Pro Package includes


    Arkk Pure 
    Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
    •  2 litres per minute / 800 gallons daily 
    •  Direct Flow
    •  Quick change cartridge
    •  Filter change alarm
    •  Super slimline model

    Sizes: 39.8 cm x 13.2 cm x 38 cm (L x W x H)

    Arkk Blu 10 L
    Water Softener
    • Reliable performance
    • Compact Design
    • Soft water on demand – 24/7
    •  Regenerates automatically
    •  Water mixer to adjust water hardness.

    Sizes: 47 cm x 43 cm x 27 cm (L x W x H)

    The Arkk Pure Features

    30s Filter change
    Compact Design
    Filter Change Alarm
    Powerful Filtration
    Separate tap included
    Unlimited water flow

    Protect your family against water contamination

    Looking after your health and your family's health begins with the quality of water you consume. Nowadays there is a huge amount of chemicals and heavy metals present in drinking water which can cause serious health problems when taken over a long period. Let the Arkk Pure become the guardian for your family by removing contaminants like chlorine, lead, metals, bacteria, and more. The result? Great tasting safe water for you and your loved ones. Click to see all contaminants will be removed from your water.

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    The Arkk Blu Features

    Reliable performance
    Compact Design
    Soft water on demand – 24/7
    Regenerates automatically
    Flow rates unaffected by regeneration
    Water mixer to adjust water hardness

    Why does your home need to be free from limescale?

    We know that the impact of having hard water full of limescale in your home’s water can be a visible and hidden nightmare. Below are some of the common problems. 

    Blockages in pipes, especially hot water, as high temperatures accelerate the incrustation process.

    Kettles full of limescale Damage to electrical equipment, such as shower elements, washing machines, dishwashers, bathroom fittings and others, due to their calcification.

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     All taps destroyed with scale.

    Stains on clothing, mostly white.

     Stains on metals, glass and ceramics.

     Drying of skin and hair 

    Thousands of families are choosing Renewell Water

    Join thousands of families who have a Renewell Water system in their home.  We are proud to serve our customers over the last 22 years in the Irish & UK market.

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