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What is it? Hard water is water which contains dissolved chalk,
lime and other minerals.

Rainwater is naturally soft but as it percolates through chalk and
limestone in the earth, it dissolves and collects those minerals

Limescale consists of calcium salt crystals which can prove
harmful to those who have sensitive skin and hair problems.

When hard water is heated, these crystals begin to separate and
spread out onto nearby surfaces and form a layer of scale. This
formation slows down water flow and operation of pipework.

The same process happens in appliances such as kettles, coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers, and heating systems
which reduces efficiency and life span.

Limescale formation around taps and showerheads is unsightly
and unhygienic.

Limescale combined with chlorine causes major skin irritation.

sapphire range Water Softeners


Introducing the modern and environmentally friendly water softener system:


The TOREN softener has the highest technology which facilitates its installation and maximizes its reliability. The Toren valve, made of Noryl, is fully hydraulic, works without electricity.
The DIRECT ACCESS system makes programming easier and guarantees correct start-up.
Toren incorporates the revolutionary SAVING REGEN system. The most modern descaling technology applied at TOREN.

TOREN water softeners respect space are capable of rapid regeneration thanks to their SPEED REGEN system. In addition, the TOREN HIGH FLOW broadband system prepares equipment to 100% meet the needs of homes and commercial facilities.

Serial bypass: The bypass ensures that the user can choose the water according to his needs. It also incorporates a hardness mixer.

Easy access tank: The accessibility of the salt tank allows the use of salt

Easy Access Cover Design: Toren equipment is designed for easy installation and maintenance to minimize costs.

The TOREN Water Softener Has Everything Your Water System Needs And More:

Protect Your Home


Easy To Install

Save Money

Soft Skin And Hair

Take Care Of Your Clothing

What are Water Softeners?

Water softening is a process of removing ions that are dissolved in water that cause it to be hard in most cases the culprits are calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, Iron ions and other metal cations. A water softener is a compact unit that can fit under your sink and by removing the hard mineral ions with soft ions you now have soft water entering your property.
Gone is the unsightly limescale around the bath and sink. Our softener will save you money on your heating bills and reduce your need for all those detergents and cleaning products. Once installed it will give you years of luxurious softened water.

Benefits of Water Softener


Limestone is a losing battle. It’s a daily annoyance that you can erase, but it always comes back.
Imagine that you could still have perfectly soft water which, instead of making your life miserable, would help you care for and protect your.

Some Of These Include:

  • Clogging up the showerhead
  • Breaking all hot water appliances
  • Mineral buildup around faucets
  • Dingy laundry
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Sluggish sink drains
  • Spotty glasses and dishes
  • The list goes on and on…

Wouldn’t You Prefer A Life…

  • Without having to unblock the showerhead.
  • Without spending hours scrubbing the shower to remove limescale.
  • Without descaling the kettle every week.
  • Without replacing hot water appliances every year!
  • Glassware and tableware protected from lime, save money on anti-lime chemicals.
  • Protect your installation and prevent your pipes from clogging with lime.
  • Thus increasing the consumption of energy to heat the water.
  • Glassware and tableware protected from lime, save money on anti-lime chemicals.
  • Your Clothes softer and with more vivid colors for longer.
  • New clothes for longer if the water in your home is hard, you need to use more detergent to clean effectively.
  • Your washing machine can’t rinse everything, so it stays on your clothes, making them stiff and rough.


Protect and extend the life of your devices
Any device that uses soft water will not be hard at all and will work more efficiently with soft water.


Gentle water with your skin and hair
Using more soap and shampoo to lather
maybe harmful to your skin and hair. Soap
residue can irritate the skin, making it
itchy, scaly, and dry.


Spend less time cleaning A house with fresh water is a house without limestone. Just think about how much time you will save by stopping the cleaning and how proud you will be in seeing your house sparkling.


*If an external cabinet is needed additional €250 for this.

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