So, Why Renewell & Why Hydraulic?

It would be easy for us to stock a plethora of water softeners with different operating styles and prices, but we don’t.

Why? Because we’re specialists. We specialise in only the best.

We only stock fully hydraulic, non-electric water softeners. They are not the cheapest softeners available, but they are the best.

The two key differences between water softeners are if they are electric or non-electric. Electric water softeners are controlled by a timer which dictates when the regeneration cycle occurs. This is a negative as the system ends up wasting salt and water, costing you more money & it means that hard water can leach back into your water supply.

Electric water softeners are programmed to regenerate in the evening or night time, for two reasons: firstly, you’re less likely to hear how much water is being wasted; and secondly, the water pressure will drop in the property during this process.

 For these reasons, a non-electric hydraulic softener is the clear choice.


The Toren Water Softener combines maximum performance and eco-efficiency, specifically designed for the modern home to deliver soft water.

The Toren protects appliances and plumbing installations from 100% of limescale.

  • Fully hydraulic
  • Sleek modern design
  • High flow & low consumption
  • Saving REGEN descaling technology


  • Height 658 Width 356 Depth 356


This industry leading water softener utilises a high performance counter current hydraulic system to provide the entire home with softened water.

The Nialis softener saves you money in multiple areas: reducing energy bills, removing the need to replace appliances & reducing the consumption of soaps, detergents and other cleaning products.

  • No energy consumption
  • Neutralises 100% of Limescale
  • Super slimline design
  • Easy loading system


  •  Height 608 Width 298 Depth 501 

About Us

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Our products are the cutting edge of water system technology.

Our industry leading drinking water systems provide 100% pure H2O on tap and completely remove Limescale from your home.

The combination of this and our 5 star customer service makes us the clear choice for all your water improvement needs. 


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