zip portable reverse osmosis unit no plumbing required just plug in and use

ZIP Portable Reverse Osmosis Unit.

No Plumbing required – Just Plug-In and Use!

Smart and highly efficient reverse osmosis water filter produces high-quality water with no installation and super easy user maintenance. 

Portable and countertop reverse osmosis water filter, the world’s first revolutionary, installation-free household Reverse Osmosis (RO) counter top water purifier which also serves to provide, ambient, hot, and boiling hot water at your fingertips with great ease of use and easy maintenance. 

No other portable purification system. The most efficient RO system on the planet! If you live in a hard water area then you may need to change the carbon block and membrane more frequently than every 6 months.



Zero Installation Purifier

  • No Fuss with Plumbing.
  • Revolutionary Portable Reverse Osmosis System

Keep It Simple And Straight

  • Intensive interface, one dial for all functions
  • Indicator light for instant system status.

Self Maintenance, No More Waiting On Technician

  • Fit easily filter cartridge
  • Easy Maintenance

Plug And Play

  • Perfect for singles, small family and home rentals
  • Plug in power and your fresh pure water is ready

Zero Waste Purifier, Environmentally Friendly

  • Patent Design Water Tank
  • Pure and concentrated ratio at 1:1
  • One porter for intel & concentrate water, space-saving by 50%


Studies continue to pour in regarding Toxins, Hormones, Microplastics, Cancer-linked Carcinogens, and other contaminants discovered in our Tap Water, Filtered Water…and yes, even Bottled Water. Arsenic, lead, chromium, and drug residues are commonly found in municipal drinking water.

Zip portable counter top reverse osmosis water filter system is CERTIFIED to remove such contaminants and many more!

    • Revolutionary portable Reverse Osmosis system.
    • Upgraded interface, one-touch for all functions.
    • Simply fill the pitcher and in minutes enjoy a fresh supply for pure water.
    • Perfect for students and renters who can take with them whenever they move.
    • Save time effort and money with DIY twist off filters.
    • For outdoor use, ZIP can operate from a car’s cigarette lighter, 12V power plug.
    • Environmentally friendly. 50% recovery rate. Pure water : concentrate = 1 : 1.
    • 100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation.

    Model Name                          ZIP-B
    Capacity                                75 GPD
    Voltage                                  110V, 60Hz ; 220/240V , 50Hz
    Color Pearl                            White
    Dimensions                            D38×W25×H41.5 (cm)
    Inlet Water TDS                     < 1000 ppm
    Inlet Water Hardness             < 250 ppm
    Inlet Water Temperature        5℃~45℃


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