Can We Drink Boiled RO Water?

Yes, you can safely drink boiled RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. Boiling RO water does not pose any health risks and can be a suitable way to improve the taste of the water, especially if you find it to be flat or lacking in minerals.

Boiling RO water can have the following effects:

Taste Improvement: Some people find that RO water can taste slightly flat or bland due to the removal of minerals during the filtration process. Boiling the water can help improve its taste by reoxygenating it and releasing any dissolved gases, which can make it taste fresher.

Sterilization: Boiling water kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that may be present. While RO systems are generally effective at removing most contaminants, including microorganisms, boiling can provide an additional layer of disinfection.

Here are the steps to safely drink boiled RO water:

Boiling: Bring the RO water to a rolling boil and maintain the boil for at least one minute. This ensures that any harmful microorganisms are effectively killed.

Cooling: Allow the boiled water to cool to a safe drinking temperature before consuming it. It's important not to drink it while it's still too hot to avoid burns.

Storage: Store any unused boiled water in a clean, covered container to prevent contamination.

Keep in mind that boiling RO water does not add minerals back into the water. If you prefer water with a mineral content for taste or health reasons, you can consider using a mineralization filter or adding mineral drops to your RO water after boiling.

Overall, boiling RO water is a safe and simple way to enhance its taste and ensure its microbiological safety, making it more enjoyable for consumption.

Why boil to sterilize when RO has done the same already?

No need to boil the RO water & it’s a simple wastage of energy. We are carrying out the RO process to mainly reduce the TDS & completely eliminate the bacterial contamination. Remember the RO membrane will not allow the bacteria & virus to pass through. So drinking RO purified water directly without boiling is safe. One should ensure that the RO membrane is not ruptured, & some quantity of water is passing through it without membrane separation. To ensure the same, it is better to conduct a bacteriological analysis of the RO water once in 3 months to understand faecal contamination’s. If E-coli population is higher, change the RO membrane.

Is it harmful to boil RO water before drinking?

Not harmful but pointless.

Idea of boiling is to remove salts and bacteria. RO followed by UV/O3 does the same hence there is no use boiling again

Can we boil RO water and use it for cooking?

Sure, but you don’t normally use RO water for cooking because it is more expensive than tap water, and doesn’t taste as good as tap water.

Is it safe to boil RO filtered water?

Yes, it is safe to boil RO filter water. If one boils the water after doing the reverse osmosis these microbes would be killed and can be removed from the water. Another thing is RO takes care of 90-95% of the chemical contaminants in water. Some of the remaining can be removed by boiling the water. So, yes it is safe to boil RO filtered water.

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