The Arkk Shower Filter

The best Option for you when you shower

Arkk Shower Filter

€ 45.00

This advanced Arkk Shower Filter has all key ingredients to reduce harmful chemicals, such as chlorine and heavy metals. 

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Arkk Shower Filter 
+ Year Supply Of Filters

€ 99.00

This Package includes an Arkk Shower Filter and 3 extra Cartridges to have a year's supply. 

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Cartridge for
Arkk Shower Filter

€ 18.00

This cartridge works on our Arkk Shower Filter and it must be changed every 3/4 months.

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Experience Arkk Shower Filter

Hair and Skin Protection

The Arkk Shower protects your skin and hair from the damaging effects of Chlorine, heavy metals & Limescale.

Easy Installation 

Designed for user-friendly self-installation.

Preserve Water Pressure 

The Arkk Shower ensures you have a luxurious bathing experience without affecting your water pressure. 


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