Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse Osmosis is a process that takes any water back to pure, by putting water through a series of different filters and membranes.

Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are fitted to your mains cold water, usually near your kitchen sink. They work using a pump to push water through 5 stages of filtration. Each filter does a different job in the purification process. The filters we use are industry leading technology in water purification. When it comes to water we don't mess around. You deserve the best.

Normally in the corner of your drainer, or on the edge of a worktop. However, you can choose one of our tri-flow taps which start from as little as €199.

If for any reason you are not satisfied we’ll come and take the system out and refund your money. No strings attached.

That's up to you. You can have a separate tap or choose from our stylish range of tri-flows. Have a look here.

Our systems eliminates limescale completely from your drinking water. The most important thing to consider when you have a limescale problem isn’t just your washing machine or kettle, it’s how that lime is building up in you! 

How we explain it is that your purifier which is for pure drinking water removes limescale and looks after the pipes of your body and a water softener which is for the whole house and softens your water it doesn't filter it, looks after the pipes of your house. One is for your health and the other is for the health of your home but they're not to be confused as the one thing as you cannot drink water from a water softener.

Want a whole-house solution? Ask about our Arkk Whole House Filtration System or Water Softeners here.

Absolutely! A jug filter or even a single stage cartridge is not very effective at filtering chemicals and microbes from water. In fact, they are a breeding ground for bacteria. These filters merely use a screen to separate particles of dirt from water. If the cartridge isn't changed regularly, you can actually end up with even more contaminants in your water!

Our services cost €165 and are normally annually. You can pay on direct debit monthly, €13.75 if this suits you. We will change all your filters every year, and test your membrane, which is normally changed bi-annually. We will also sanitize your system, which means it’ll be chemical-free. It’s important to maintain your machine to maximize its life span and to keep your warranty valid. Self service is also an option.

Not at all, your installation will take a little longer, (normally an extra 30 minutes) but our engineers have the specialist tools to deal with these worktops. Please note there is an additional charge for this.

All our systems come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. However you can purchase an extended warranty.

With over 22+ years of experience and customers across the country, most areas are able to be visited within a 1-week cycle.

It tastes fresh, clean. After experiencing pure water you'll never want to be without it.

Is it Cold?

Yes, it’s the same temperature as your tap water.

22 years, and until now it's all been recommendations through word of mouth, so please don't keep us a secret. Tell your friends, colleagues and family.

We cannot tell you exactly how long your system will last. We have customers who have had their system for over 20 years. It really depends on the quality of your water and how often you get it serviced. We would recommend upgrading your system between 8-12 years. 

There are several factors that make these machines more expensive. Their size, the quality of manufacturing, the quality of the filters in the machines and lastly the technology. Machines that are based on technology that is 40 years old are available online for cheaper, but you'll find they are inferior. We do stock cheaper machines too.