Chemical & Sediment  Whole House Filtration
Chemical & Sediment Whole House Filtration
€ 815.00
€ 815.00
Self Service Basic Annual for Pro Elite 3
Self Service Basic Annual for Pro Elite 3
€ 125.00
€ 125.00

Arkk Shower Filter

Struggling with limescale and chlorine affecting your shower? Enter the solution – Our Arkk Shower Filter. Designed for easy installation, this filter effectively reduces unwanted impurities in your shower water, offering a refreshing feel on your skin and minimising damage to your hair. Elevate your quality of life for yourself and your family with a luxurious shower experience. Each unit includes one filter cartridge, and for optimal performance, we recommend changing it every 3-4 months, depending on usage.

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€ 45.00

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    5 Star Service
    Fast Installation

    Experience Arkk Shower Filter

    Hair and Skin Protection

    Nurture your skin and hair with the Arkk Shower, shielding them from the harmful impacts of chlorine, heavy metals, and limescale.

    Easy Installation 

    Crafted with simplicity in mind, our product is designed to ensure a hassle-free, user-friendly self-installation experience. With clear instructions and intuitive features, setting up our product becomes an effortless task.

    Preserve Water Pressure 

    Tired of compromising on water pressure? The Arkk Shower has the solution – indulgent showers without any impact on your water flow.


    Simple to install with huge benefits

    Protect your hair and body from chlorine, limescale and metals in shower water by using the Arkk Shower Filter.  
     The best part is that you can easily install it yourself, you don't need us. Just unscrew the existing shower head, and replace it with the shower filter and you're done. Also, the universal capabilities allow the shower filter to fit any make or model of the shower.

    What you should know about shower filter

    Simon Newell explains all about Arkk Shower Filter

    It's time to


    Your Skin 

    Reducing dryness, flares-ups, and irritation.

    Your Hair 

    No more dry, crispy feeling hair that feels lifeless.

    Your Wallet 

    So you don't spend more on fixing its damaged hair.

    Your Health 

    If it's not safe to drink, you shouldn't shower in it.

    It's ideal 
    for sensitive skin

    Including people with dry skin conditions eczema, and psoriasis. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised after showering, this is because it protects your skin and hair from harsh chemicals.


    Skin Benefits

    • ​Minimises breakouts
    • Prevents irritation
    • Helps to keep the skin hydrated

    Hair Benefits 

    • Prevents scalp irritation
    • Colour treated hair doesn't fade
    • Helps to prevent hair loss

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