How Much Water Should You Drink?

Well, over 60% of our body is made up of water.

Our cells are the building blocks of every part of our bodies, and water is the most vital part of their function and replication. Without water our cells cannot function. Simply put: well-hydrated cells equals well-running systems! It is essential to fuel these cells with proper hydration, you wouldn’t eat food contaminated with chemicals, so why would you drink water that has Chlorine and other toxins in it? Water purifiers like ours remove all of these chemicals and toxins from the water supply, you can see one of our systems.

MYTH: We need to drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water each day to be in optimal health.

We should actually be drinking somewhere between 75-150 ounces per day, rather than 64 ounces as in the 8-glasses-per-day rule. The amount we require each day varies depending on gender, weight, daily activity level, and where we live. If you don’t hydrate sufficiently, your body quickly enters a state of dehydration with symptoms such as: a headache, dry mouth, dizziness and fatigue quick to take hold.

FACT: You can drink too much water.

Yes, it is possible. If the kidneys are overloaded with too much water, they can’t process it quickly enough for the body to maintain balance. Sodium levels in the blood drop, causing hyponatremia and possibly death. This is very uncommon, and you would have to consume very high amounts of water all at once for this to be a risk (we are talking gallons, folks). Unless you’re an endurance athlete, you’re pretty safe with boosting your daily intake.

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