What Is The Best Water Filter To Get?

This is the greatest question you can ask when purchasing a new water system for your home. The objective is to remove impurities from your drinking water, things like heavy metals, inorganic minerals, manmade chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, lead, THM’s, and bacteria.

Best water filter to get?

So, when you google water filter it can be very overwhelming as there are many different types on the market, but they are not all the same, each one can do a whole host of different things. How to simplify this is that due to the amount of environmental contamination nowadays our water contains a lot of toxins so the first thing you want to do is bring your water right back to its purest form.

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The best way to do this is with a high-grade reverse osmosis water system. A reverse osmosis system is like having a little factory under your kitchen sink, it is constantly working filtering out contaminants so you can enjoy pure H20 on tap 24 hours per day. Also purchasing a high-grade system means that is happening effectively and efficiently for up to twelve months depending on your water quality and usage.

People sometimes worry that reverse osmosis water removes too much mineral content from the water, or by drinking it you will strip minerals from your body. When your water is so heavily contaminated a high-quality reverse osmosis purifier is the best way to get it right back to pure H20, we then have the technology and know-how to re-energise and re-mineralise your water with bio available trace minerals. These products can provide the electricity your cells need by introducing the main key electrolyte minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride along with all the macro and micro minerals needed to maintain a mineral efficient body. We can infuse your water with nature’s most powerful antioxidant Molecular Hydrogen (H2), and we can balance the PH. But the very first thing to do to safeguard your family is BRING YOUR WATER BACK TO PURE H20.

The difference between a water filter and a reverse osmosis system, is that a water filter is usually a single, dual or triple stage filter. The water comes in one side of the unit depositing dirt as it passes through the filters and comes out the other side hopefully better than it did before it entered. This type of filtration is a lot cheaper but a lot less effective. When the filters are new everything works well, and you get somewhat decent filtration depending on the type of filters you are using.

The biggest problem with using these single filters, gravity filters or jug filters is that after a few weeks of depositing dirt the filters surface area becomes dirty. The water then passes through the filters causing more contamination. This can be proven by purchasing a TDS meter to measure the total dissolved solids in the water. This type of filtration is also very limited in what it can remove as it will only be able to remove larger contaminants while leaving smaller ones.

So, in summary buying a cheap low grade one stage, two stage, three stage filter, gravity filter or jug filter is not going to give you the same level of filtration that a reverse osmosis system will.
All Renewell Water Pro Elite purifiers are made with the highest-grade components and deliver purer, safer drinking water than most other water filters on the market.

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