Is Your Reverse Osmosis Water Cloudy?

Clearing the Clouds: What to Do If Your Reverse Osmosis Water Appears Cloudy

Hey, folks! ­čîŐ If you've recently installed a Pro Elite┬á1, Pro Elite┬á2, or Pro Elite 3, and you're finding that your water has an unexpected cloudy appearance, don't fret. I've got your back.

In this quick guide, I'll walk you through why your RO water might be cloudy and exactly what steps to take to clear things up. So, let's dive in!

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Understanding Cloudy Water in Your Glass

Ever pulled a glass of water from your brand-new filtration system only to find it looking a bit cloudy? No need to panic! The culprit is often the coconut carbon in the filter, and rest assured, it's harmless. Coconut carbon is entirely safe and can't harm you.

The Solution: Flushing Your RO System

To get rid of the cloudiness, simply turn on your filter tap and let it run until the water clears up. This may take a couple of flushes, but be patientÔÇöthe system will sort itself out as it settles in. Sometimes, the cloudiness is due to excess oxygen in the water, a common occurrence in new systems. So, keep flushing, and you'll notice a significant improvement.

Dealing with a Metallic Taste

If you detect a slight metallic taste, no worries! It's likely due to a food-grade preservative in the membrane. Just keep letting the water run and flush the system, allowing the membrane to settle and maintain its freshness.

Final Takeaway: Trust the Flushing Process

Whether it's cloudiness or a hint of metal, the key is to trust the flushing process. Your RO system is designed to rectify itself, and with a bit of time and consistent use, you'll enjoy crystal-clear, refreshing water.

So, if you're faced with cloudy water blues, remember: keep calm, keep flushing, and your RO system will shine through. Cheers to clear, pure hydration! ­čĺžÔťĘ

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