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Instant Hot Water System


Boiling Water On Tap

The Instant Hot Water System is a compact and versatile unit that provides water between 60°C-100°C, direct to the kitchen tap. It is easily adjustable to your desired temperature.

Boiling water straight from the tap provides a convenient and time-saving alternative to boiling a kettle or heating water on a hob. The boiling water tap from Renewell Water saves you time, energy & water.

Enjoy instant boiling water on tap, every time.

We have created three different options when purchasing the Instant Hot Water System. Click on the link below to find out more. 


You can choose to purchase the Instant Hot Water System on its own, without installation.

You can choose to purchase the Instant Hot Water System, including installation.

You can choose to purchase the Instant Hot Water System and the Pro Elite, including installation. 

Technical Features

  • Tank Capacity: 2.4 Litres
  • Electric Voltage: 220 VAC
  • Electric Consumption: 1300 W
  • Tank and Housing: SUS#304
  • Max Temperature (Adjustable): 100 ℃
  • LED Indication Light
  • Power Cable:2m㎡
  • Size: 20(W) x 22 (D) x 31 (H) cm
  • Recovery: 60 cups per hour
  • Standby Power Consumption: Less than 750 Watts
  • Tap with Heating Status Indication Light
  • Safety Lock at Hot Water Lever


Features of Instant Hot Water System

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Easy Installation

Easy to install with quick-connector fittings

New Invention - Self priming expansion chamber

Through the chamber and atmospheric pressure during heating, the self-priming expansion chamber absorbs the steam back for recycling usage. This new design greatly reduces the dripping (the flaw of traditional instant hot water dispenser)

Due to the high temperature of water during heating, the tank is under pressure. The self-priming expansion chamber can decrease the pressure, prevent explosion, dripping, and leaking.

Theory of Laminar Flow/ Huge Water Flow Rate

Applying the hydrodynamics to the design, the water flows into the tank from the bottom to the top. This could prevent the turbulence flow that leads to mix o cold and hot water.

New Invention-Environmental Styrofoam

The Best Quality styrofoam offers great thermal insulation.

Meets the UL94 standard. (Standard for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances)

Environmental protection- recyclable material.


Consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb

Temperature Dial

Easy Adjustment by your fingertip. Adjusts from 60°C-98°C
Suitable for cooking, instant coffee and tea.

New Invention-Detachable Stainless Steel Tank

A large 2.4 litre tank supplies plentiful 60 cups per hour capacity.
Upper and lower tank bodies are fixed with clamp.
The new design detachable stainless tank” can be cleaned after using for a period of time.
The Tank is made of ST304, built in integral body.
No Welding joint or seam on the tank exist.
Therefore, no leak and liberation of heavy metal will occur.

New Invention - Automated Heater Protection

When there’s no water left in the tank, the self re-setting thermal fuse protects the product from dry boiling and dry start up.

New Invention- SUS316L Ring Type Heater

SUS316L ring type heater is better than U-shape brass made heater.
No libertion of heavy metal will occur. It’s relatively more hygienic and durable.
Heat conduction area of Ring Type heating is twice as large as the U-shape brass heater.
It has the features of faster heat conduction, more power-efficient, and longer life time.
Heater with 780/1300 wattage is more efficient than other brands.

Temperature Display

*** Adjustable from 50 to 100 degree C.



*** Temperature Setting – UP
*** Temperature Setting – Down


LED Indication

Tap indicates the heating status


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