Pro Elite 3

The 3rd version of our highly successful Pro Elite 3 now packs in more power, flow and pure water than ever before. Warrantied for 5 years this machine will give you and your family fabulous water.

Compact size at just 10"x15"x16" it'll fit under any sink.

With a fast flow of 1.6 litres a minute you'll not have to wait ages for your water with the Pro Elite 3.

It's guaranteed to remove fluoride, chlorine, THMs, lead, pesticides, herbicides, cryptosporidium and more.


So what happen's next?

Call us to pay a deposit and we'll take care of everything from there.

Still have questions call us on  

042-9370142 / 042-9420517

or check out our FAQ's here.

Want a 3 way tap, instead of a separate filter tap? See our options below, prices from €220.

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