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Luxurious soft water free from limescale

By choosing Renewell Water Arkk Soft ECO Softener System you will get the affordable luxury you deserve: Your home, your family and your life without limescale!


Why does your home need to be free from limescale? 

We know that the impact of having hard water full of limescale in your home’s water can be a visible and hidden nightmare. Below are some of the common problems.

  • Blockages in pipes, especially hot water, as high temperatures accelerate the incrustation process.
  • Kettles full of limescale Damage to electrical equipment, such as shower elements, washing machines, dishwashers, bathroom fittings and others, due to their calcification.
  • All taps destroyed with scale.
  • Stains on clothing, mostly white.
  • Stains on metals, glass and ceramics.
  • Drying of skin and hair 

10 in stock

100% Limescale protection

​The Arkk Soft ECO protects the entire home from the damaging effects of hard water & Limescale.

Space Saving

​Once installed, the ultra slimline Arkk Soft 9 takes up only the tiniest amount of space under your kitchen sink. Or if you prefer you can place it outside in one of our sleek aluminum cabinets.

Professional installation included

Our installation experts will come to your home and connect the water softener with no fuss directly where the rising mains water pipe enters your home ensuring all the water entering the home is now soft water.

Smarter technology giving you softer water

This industry leading water softener utilises a high performance Ecosoft control valve which means it is metered or volumetric, making it very efficient depending on your needs, saving you money, water and salt to provide the entire home with softened water. 

10 in stock

Enjoy the benefits of soft water today

The Arkk Soft ECO is a high performance water softener that will provide you and your family with high quality softened water. This water softener has been specially designed to protect your plumbing system & appliances in your home against the damaging effects of hard water.

…Say Goodbye to hard water forever!


The ARKK SOFT 9 water softener system has been specially designed to protect your family and your home against the damaging effects of limestone in water.


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