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Infinity Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


Drink pure water at your fingertips with the Infinity Water Filtration System. With Reverse Osmosis technology and a seamless direct flow system, enjoy pure, safe, refreshing water straight from your tap, every day. Installation Included.

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€ 895.00

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5 Star Service
Fast Installation

​100% Pure water on tap with Infinity Water Filtration System


100% chemicals and bacteria removal

The Infinity is an effective filtration system that protects you and your family from all the dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, solids and bacteria in your drinking water.

Professional Installation Included

​Our installation technicians will come to your home and connect your water system with no fuss directly under your kitchen sink. Placing a separate single lever faucet or an upgraded tri flow tap for all your pure drinking water needs.

Super Slimline 

When installed, the Infinity is a direct flow system that takes up only the smallest amount of space under your kitchen sink. It is not like older style reverse osmosis systems which take up your whole cupboard. 

DIY Filter change
Compact design
Filter change light indicator
Auto stop leak sensor
Separate tap included
Unlimited water flow

Protect your family against water contamination

Looking after your health and your family's health begins with the quality of water you consume. Nowadays there is a huge amount of chemicals and heavy metals present in drinking water which can cause serious health problems when taken over a long period. Let the Arkk Pure become the guardian for your family by removing contaminants like chlorine, lead, metals, bacteria, and more. The result? Great tasting safe water for you and your loved ones. Click to see all contaminants will be removed from your water.


Our team can help you choose the best water filtration system for you and your family.

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The Infinity

Compact design fits perfectly under your sink

Buy the filter, don't be the filter.
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Save thousands. Save the planet.

Beyond mere economic considerations, there’s a larger picture to focus on. Reducing the usage of disposable plastics in our daily lives holds immense significance for our planet’s well-being.

The World Health Organization

recommends drinking at least 3 liters of water a day.

So a Family Of Four

should drink 56 bottles of water a week on average.

Expenditure On Bottled Water

can exceed 85 euros per month and a thousand per year.

2,000 + Plastic Bottles

are what a family consuming bottled water can pollute the planet with per year.

Thousands of families are choosing Renewell Water

Join thousands of families who have a Renewell Water system in their home.  We are proud to serve our customers over the last 22 years in the Irish & UK market.

- Bernadette Bohan
- Hilda and Graham
- Eileen Mckean
Power Consumption 24W
Dimensions 430 x 250 x 400 mm
Water Output Pressure Tank
Water Temperature Supported 40ºC/ 2ºC
Weight 14 kg
Model Compact (Tank built-in)