RW3 Package Solution
RW3 Package Solution
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€ 569.00
Solerno Tri Flow Filter Tap (3-Way Tap)
Solerno Tri Flow Filter Tap (3-Way Tap)
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€ 249.00

Arkk Blu 10L Water Softener

Arkk Blu Water Softener is your home shield against limescale damage. With advanced technology for water regeneration through a complete cycling process, saving water and salt. Professional installation included.

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€ 995.00 € 1,245.00

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    NEW Arkk BLU water softener


    100% Limescale protection

    The Arkk Blu protects the entire home from the damaging effects of hard water & Limescale.

    Professional Installation Included

    Our technicians will come to your home and connect the water softener with no fuss directly where the rising mains water pipe enters your home ensuring all the water entering the home is now soft water.

    Made to be compact 

    Once installed, the ultra slimline Arkk Blu takes up only the tiniest space under your kitchen sink. 

    ARKK blu features​

    Reliable performance
    Compact Design
    Soft water on demand – 24/7
    Regenerates automatically
    1.2m³/h large flow rate
    Water mixer to adjust water hardness

    Arkk Blu fits easily 
    under your kitchen sink

    • Mixing valve new technology
    • Up-flow proportional regeneration for smart consumption
    • Effective salt consumption: 80 grams per litre of resin or less
    • Water-saving: uses up to 100 litres for regeneration

    H×W×D: 270 х 430 х 470 mm Filter 
    weight 18.8 kg

    Save salt and water

    With its cutting-edge system, the Arkk Blu not only saves water but also ensures sustainable and complete cycling of the water softener process, minimising the need for additional salt. 

    Click on the blue balls above to meet each stage of softening water.

    Intelligent Control Valve

    With the invention control valve, the Arkk Blu automates water treatment capacity calculation and enables automatic up-flow regeneration. Effortless efficiency with eco water treatment experience. 

    What you should know about

    water softener in your home


    • Pre-adjusted US-made Clack® DV with mixing valve
    • Cabinet enclosure
    • Pressure tank
    • Brine well with safety float valve
    • Ion-exchange resin DOWEX™ HCR-S/S

    Technical specifications:

    • Operating Flow rate — 1.2 m³/h
    • Quantity of media — 10 L
    • Volume capacity* — 2 m³
    • Usage of salt per regeneration** — 0.8 kg
    • Usage of water per regeneration — 0.08 m³
    • Duration of regeneration — 80–110 minutes
    • Pressure drop in service mode — 0.5 bar
    • Inlet pressure — 2–6 bar
    • Electrical requirements — 230 V, 50 Hz
    • Power consumption — 30 W
    • Inlet/outlet pipe connections — 3/4’’


    *for hardness at 5 meq/L (250 mg/L CaCO₃)

    **it is recommended to use Ecosil pelletized salt for regeneration


    Influent water limitations

    • Hardness — 15 meq/L (750 mg/L CaCO₃)
    • Iron — 0.2 mg/L
    • Manganese — 0.05 mg/L
    • Required level of purification of sediment particles — 100 μm
    • Initial water temperature — +4…+30 °С

    A water softener is your solution to the common headaches of hard water. 

    Hard water is a term used to describe water that contains excessive minerals such as calcium and magnesium, resulting in limescale buildup.

    A water softener prolongs the lifespan of appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine, saving you from costly repairs. By allowing your appliances to operate efficiently, it also trims your energy bills. Beyond financial benefits, soft water pampers your skin and hair, providing a more luxurious shower experience. Bid farewell to stubborn soap scum and limescale deposits, as cleaning becomes effortless, leaving your fixtures sparkling. 

    A water softener operates by using a process known as ion exchange. It replaces calcium and magnesium ions (hard minerals) with sodium or potassium ions, effectively “softening” the water. As hard water flows through a tank filled with resin beads, these beads attract and trap the hard minerals, releasing softer water into your plumbing system. Over time, the resin beads become saturated and require regeneration, during which a brine solution is used to flush away the trapped minerals. This cycle keeps your water consistently soft and free from the problems associated with hard water, like limescale buildup and soap ineffectiveness.

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