Refill Beads for Smart Shower Filter
Refill Beads for Smart Shower Filter
€ 40.00
€ 40.00
Arkk Blu 10L Water Softener
Arkk Blu 10L Water Softener
€ 995.00
€ 995.00

RW3 Package Solution

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€ 569.00 € 929.00

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    5 Star Service
    Fast Installation
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    Pure Drinking Water From Tap

    RW5Q with the power of reverse osmosis technology and 5 stages of filtration.

    Ideal For A Sensitive Skin

    Including people with dry skin conditions eczema, and psoriasis. The Arkk Shower leaves your skin feeling moisturised after showering, removing harsh chemicals and metals.

    Ensure safe pure drinking every day

    Tri flow taps have a separate internal pathway for the water to ensure the filtered water does not mix at all with the unfiltered softened hot or cold water.

    Protect Your Family's Health

    Whether drinking pure water or protecting skin/hair while showering.

    Includes Installation

    Our installation technicians will come to your home and connect your water system with no fuss directly under your kitchen sink.

    Pay in 3-Month Installments*

    Spread the cost of this Renewell Water Package, interest-free, with Klarna. Humm is also available.

    Meet The RW5Q Water Filtration System

    • 5 Stages of Filtration
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • 3,2 Gallon Water Tank
    • All Quick-change Filters
    • Compact Model


    Less Plastic Water Bottles*


    Water Gallons Per Day


    For a Cartridge Change


    Stages of Filtration

    * per year with consumption of water bottle for a family with 4 based on a World Health Organization suggestion.

    The RW5Q Water Filtration System is your best choice for pure drinking water


    Meet The Arkk Shower Filter

    • Your Skin Protected: Reducing dryness, flares-ups, and irritation. 
    • Your Hair Protected: No more dry, crispy feeling hair that feels lifeless. 
    • Your Wallet Protected: So you don’t spend more on fixing its damaged hair. 
    • Your Health Protected: If it’s not safe to drink, you shouldn’t shower in it.
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    Simple to install with huge benefits

    Protect your hair and body from chlorine, limescale and metals in shower water by using the Arkk Shower Filter.  
     The best part is that you can easily install it yourself, you don't need us. Just unscrew the existing shower head, and replace it with the shower filter and you're done. Also, the universal capabilities allow the shower filter to fit any make or model of the shower.

    Tri Flow Tap

    Of Your Choice

    We’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to tailor your experience with our Tri Flow Tap collection. In this Package, you can choose from a spectrum of styles and colours, models such as Rio, Osaka, Doolin, Oslo, Cairo, and between Oslo and Doolin amazing Tri Flow Taps. Your satisfaction is our priority, and to ensure the perfect fit for your space and preferences, we invite you to consult with us for personalized assistance in selecting the ideal model and colour.

    Choice of tap, after ordering we will contact you to arrange installation and take a note of your tap choice. 

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    Thousands of families are choosing Renewell Water

    Join thousands of families who have a Renewell Water system in their homes.  We are proud to serve our customers over the last 22 years in the Irish & UK market.

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