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Refer a Friend

Invite a friend to purchase a system, and you'll receive 1 Credit for each successful referral. Refer 2 friends, and enjoy your next service for free or earn cash rewards. Additionally, your friends will receive an exclusive discount on their order.

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How It Works

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Step 1

Join our Referral Programme and get your unique referral link/code.

Step 2

Share your link/code with friends via messages, emails, or social media.

Step 3

When your friends purchase a Renewell Water system with your discount, you'll earn credit for each friend.

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How to Refer a Friend

Check the video of a complete step-by-step to start to refer a friend.

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Win to Win 

You benefit by referring friends and family
They benefit with improved health and savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our "Refer a Friend" programme allows you to earn rewards by inviting your friends to join the Renewell Water Family.

To earn rewards all you have to do is:

1. Share your discount link or code.

2. They buy a system using the discount.

3. You earn 1 Credit per every successful referral.

4. Exchange your Credits for money or a free annual service.

A credit is earned in our referral programme for each friend you refer. You can exchange your credits for either a 10% cashback on each friend's purchase or receive your next annual service for free, saving you €125-€165!

Share your unique referral link or code from your dashboard with friends. When they use it to sign up or make a purchase, you'll earn rewards.

Is there an expiration date for my Credits?

Once you've received your reward you have 2 choices;

1. Get money - You have up to XXX days after your friend makes a successful purchase to claim the money.

2. Get a free annual service - Refer 2 friends and you will get your next annual service for free - saving from as little as €125 to €165! However, your next annual service must be scheduled at least 35 days after you receive your credit.

You can view it on your dashboard after you login.

Refer as many friends as you want! There's no limit on referrals. However, you can earn a maximum of 12 Credits per year.

Track your referrals and rewards through your account dashboard. Visit our dashboard by going to 'Log In'.

Oops! If your referral link wasn't used, contact us at info@renewellwater.com

Please remember it's your responsibility to ensure your code is used during purchase. We can't provide rewards if another code is used. Your code identifies who to thank, so make sure your referrals use it at checkout!

Yes! You can continue to earn up to 12 credits per year.