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filtered Water protects & improves The health of you & your family.


our CS whole house filtration system protects you from chemicals and sediment.


Throughout your home.


Whole House Filtration System 2 Stage


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CS Whole House System

Dimensions CS Whole House Filter
2 stage:  Height 49cm Width 48 cm Depth 21 cm
3 stage:  Height 49cm Width 72 cm Depth 21 cm

CS Whole House Filtration System

The complete solution to a chemical free home. This compact & powerful unit ensures your entire home is protected from dangers such as: Chlorine, Sediment and Heavy Metals.

These are just a few of the dangers this system eliminates. The ultimate protection for you and your family, this system is a must have for the modern home and provides the complete package in filtration and value for money.

The compact unit fits in any kitchen cupboard and is plumbed directly into the rising mains, filtering all of the water coming into your home.

Combine with a Pro Elite system to provide the ultimate drinking and household water solution. 


 Protect Your Body

Your body is not designed to deal with the toxins & chemicals found in tap water. Many of the substances found in tap water across the UK & Ireland are proven carcinogens. Our Water Filtration Systems protect you and your families health by completely removing these from your water.

Never worry about what invisible dangers are in your water again. Renewell Water’s filters mean you can cook, clean, wash & drink with 100% confidence.




Protect Your Skin

Wash & Shower with complete confidence, knowing that our advanced systems are protecting you from harmful, potentially dangerous substances in your water supply.

Pure Water is what nature intended us to put into our bodies & it is what we should wash with as well. With advanced filtration, notice visibly clearer, glowing skin. Feel healthier & look healthier as well.

Easily Combine With Extra Technology

Need a solution for Hard Water or Limescale? We can provide these as part of the complete package. These work in tandem with the your whole house system, removing Limescale and protecting your appliances.



AQUABION is a Water Conditioner. It protects your hot water systems, pipes & appliances from the harmful effects of Limescale.


Home water softeners, also called ion exchange units, are appliances that remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from drinking water.

Installed Filtration Systems

Whole House Filtration System 2 Stage

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