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Shower Filter


Shower Filter

ADVANCED SHOWER FILTRATION SYSTEM: Includes all key ingredients to diminish harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Fluoride, & Pesticides. Also, Inhibits the growth of Limescale, Algae, Fungi, & Mold. Includes added benefits like key Minerals and Vitamin C the human needs for optimum health. All this without sacrificing the water pressure!

LIVE WELL: The water purity your household receives has huge benefits with regards to sleeping well, having no bad smells in the house, and just the thought of knowing everyone will shower with complete safety and cleanness!

CARE FOR YOUR SKIN AND HAIR: Good water enhances the health of your hair and skin. Studies show that hair and skin problems come mainly from dirty water during shower time!

CONVENIENCE: Simple setup which takes a maximum of 2 minutes. Also, the universal capabilities allow the shower filter to fit on any shower system!

EASY TO REPLACE FILTERS: We recommend renewing the filter every 60,000 litres or every 4 months.

Shower filter €50 spare filters not included.
Replacement cartridges €50 for 2.

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