Single Lever Tap (Matte Black )
Single Lever Tap (Matte Black )
€ 60.00
€ 60.00
Salt tablets for Water Softener  25kg
Salt tablets for Water Softener 25kg
€ 15.00
€ 15.00

Single Lever Tap (Gold)

- Metal Free (Avoid heavy metals in your drinking water)
- Single-way under sink
- Fitting for water filters and Reverse Osmosis systems
- Installation not included
- 3 colour options: Chrome, Gold and Matte Black

€ 60.00 60.0 EUR € 60.00

€ 60.00

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    Single Lever Tap

    Designed for your pure water

    Introducing our Single Lever Tap, meticulously engineered to elevate your kitchen experience with unparalleled precision and functionality. Available in three refined finishes – Matte BlackChrome, and Gold – each tap boasts a seamless integration into any aesthetic.

    Crafted with specialized tap fittings tailored explicitly for water filters, our tap ensures a seamless flow of clean, filtered drinking water, surpassing standard tap water quality. The exclusive filtered flow feature guarantees purity and taste, offering a superior drinking experience.

    With an elongated spout design, our tap provides precise water delivery to accommodate various kitchen tasks efficiently. Engineered with a metal-free construction, it eliminates the risk of metal contamination, maintaining the integrity of your water supply.

    From its innovative design to its advanced filtration capabilities, our Single Lever Tap sets the standard for excellence in kitchen fittings. Experience the epitome of technological innovation and enjoy the convenience of filtered drinking water straight from your tap.

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